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ECO Tan – Face Compost Purple Power Mask (75ml)


Australian made and owned, certified organic, vegan, cruelty free, all natural, toxic free.

DETOX, BRIGHTEN, CALM, SMOOTH. For Clear and Calm skin, Face Compost Purple Power Mask is a supernatural, purifying and powerful treatment mask which is perfect for all skin types.

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Key Ingredients

  • Australian clay 
  • Dragon fruit
  • Prickly pear
  • Acerola extract 
  • Celery leaf



  • Promotes a clear and calm complexion
  • Antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory powerhouse for your skin!
  • A purifying and hydrating skin treatment

Tips for Use

  • Perfect as a pre makeup mask to help your foundation glide on 
  • Make it a Sunday night ritual